Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Semantics, part one

It has occurred to me that most discussions I have had about games are with people I am familiar with in real life. Our basic knowledge of each other gives us the ability to talk about theories and motives without having to construct any uniform language in which to talk about these concepts. Any point of confusion is usually cleared up with a “Ya know what I mean?”

Taking these discussions to a digital format creates some problems, especially in definitions. With no common definition for “hardcore”, a discussion about ‘hardcore gamers” becomes a debate. What I hope to do is create some common terms that we can tentatively agree upon, so that we can begin to discuss some of more creative concepts without all meaning separate things for the same descriptions.

As with the “hardcore vs. casual” post, I also would like to try and remove the “player” from as many of the definitions as possible. Not because the player is unimportant, but because it removes the personal insult from a rather contested generalization. As with most generalizations, not many of us are going to fall into one category or another, but rather we will identify with parts of them all.

Perhaps once we can agree on some general terms, we can then have more meaningful arguments discussions.

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